The Wattbike is invaluable when testing as it offers a controlled environment for testing plus detailed live feedback that isn’t available or safe to read when cycling on the road.

Using the Wattbike for testing, analysis & feedback can dramatically affect cycling performance and the way a cyclist trains. Knowing your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is a critical part of training and development as from it you can work out power & heart rate zones, pedal stroke analysis and left & right leg imbalances.

Why train with power?

Power is an objective measure of your cycling performance on any given day, independent of environmental conditions or how you feel. Using power allows you to gauge your training intensity with precision, It takes guessing out of the equation.

Tests we offer

Our standard Wattbike test (1hour) £95


To provide you with all information needed to produce the most effective & efficient individual training program.

Why is this important?

Eliminating guess work is vital for improvement and consistency within a training program. Our standard test provides you with the information to do that.

What will be covered?

A 15 – 20 min complete warm up where live pedal analysis and posture feedback is given via Wattbike expert software. A 20min TT will then be ridden. From this information,  FTP, Power and or Heart Rate training zones will be calculated as well as pedal stroke & cadence feedback. Once recovered you then have the option of going for a max power test which involves producing your maximum power over 5secs.

Individual Tests.

Although we recommend the standard test, as all the information provided is beneficial. we can offer Individual tests when requested. We can also offer the British Cycling Ramp Test if this is preferred to the FTP test.

Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercise (45mins) £45


PACE explores the use of posture and unique movement assessments to determine your static position and functional movement capacity.

Why is this important?

Increasing your static and functional movement capacity helps you to increase muscle usage within the body and decrease chance of injury.

What will be covered?

  • Postural assessment
  • A series of functional movement assessments
  • Corrective mobilisations
  • A series of progressive corrective exercises addressing each area of dysfunction

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