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Mavic Yksion Pro UST Tyre 19

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The light Road UST tyre, with super low rolling resistance and superior grip, that solves the issue of installation


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Low rolling resistance and extra speed
No more friction between tyre and tube
New exclusive 11 Storm compound reaches the best balance of grip and low rolling resistance
Lighter than clincher tyre + tube combo
Easy to use and repair
Perfect match guaranteed with Mavic UST Wheel-System
Tight control over beads diameter and stiffness
Kevlar beads stretches just enough for easier mounting
Improved comfort with high flat protection
Lower recommended tyre pressure with no risk of pinch flats
Just 30g of sealant prevents most puncture
Available in 25mm and 28mm

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Product Type:

Tyre, Wheels


25mm, 28mm

Wheel Type:

UST (Tubeless)


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