Regular servicing will vastly improve your bike’s life-span, performance and reliability.


Here at Pembrokeshire Bikes your bike is in safe hands, we are IRONMAN’s trusted Bike Shop partner, and with our head, Cytech-certified technician Oliver Pritchard, you can be sure that the absolute highest standard of work is being carried out on your bike and no effort will be spared in completing even the most demanding jobs. We work closely with big brands and UK distributers to ensure all parts used are genuine and of the highest quality – no exceptions.

We offer a Full and Interim service – If you are unsure what your bike requires, bring it to the shop and one of our friendly staff will carry out some check and advise you on the best option.

Interim Service

£ 49

Recommended every 6 months
or 1000 miles, whichever comes first.
  • Headset bearings checked
  • Bottom Bracket bearings checked
  • Wheel bearings checked
  • Chain wear
  • Sprocket wear
  • Clean drive chain
  • Brake operation
  • Check Condition of cables and/or hydraulics
  • Check Tyres, Rims and Discs for wear/damage

Full ServiceMost Popular

£ 95

Recommended once a year
or every 3000 miles, whichever comes first.
  • Full bike strip down
  • Wheel bearings checked, replaced or re-greased if necessary
  • Bottom bracket checked replaced or re greased if necessary
  • Headset bearings checked replaced or re greased if necessary
  • Minor Wheel true
  • Cables checked and replaced if necessary
  • All components cleaned and re greased
  • Frame cleaned
  • Bar tape replaced if necessary

Safety Check

£ 15

  • Check operation of gears and brakes
  • Check that all systems are functional and safe

An unserviced seized rear brake, one day before an IRONMAN.

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