Train With Power Meters

Now available from Pembrokeshire Bikes: Quark power cranks for hire/demo, in a variety of crank lengths, which can be fitted to almost any road bike so that anyone can feel the benefits of training with power.

Advantages of training with power:

1)      Outside temperature changes will affect the heart rate of the rider, which will then change the training intensity. IE: Riding at the same Hr, power will go down in hot weather and up in cold altering the planned session.

2)      Core temperature and hydration levels affect the relationship between Hr and training power. This can be due to clothing selection and high humidity which alter the way the body controls the core temperature. Hr also climbs when hydration levels are low.

3)      Recovery: By using wattage and Hr together fatigue can be monitored both long term and during the session which gives extremely valuable real time training data for session spacing and power output on long rides.

4)      Instant response: Rather than the delayed response of the heart monitor to the training intensity and gradual reduction in Hr during a rest period, the power meter response is immediate so the training intervals are therefore more accurate and effective.

5)      More efficient race strategy: By using power and cadence together on a sportive or long race, a rider can accurately control their efforts so that they ride at the fastest overall pace their fitness allows.

Prices and availabillity

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Wheels for Hire/Demo

If you are unsure about which Wheel will suit you best or are just interested in finding out more you can now test ride a selection of wheels from the shop. We will be happy to advise you on the best wheel choice and fit them to your bike allowing you to feel the difference before you buy.

Ksyrium SLR: One of the best all-rounders on the market. Using carbon spokes and “Exalith” treated, super strong Ksyrium rims, this wheel is exceptional on the climb and accelerates like a bullet while remaining stable in the trickiest of conditions.


Cosmic SLE: A carbon clincher wheel system with great aerodynamics and superior comfort. This wheel-set is designed to get let the bike ride faster and more stable then shallow section wheels. Featuring “Exalith” treated alloy rims and integrated spokes.

Cosmic SLR: A carbon clincher wheel system which is a favourite with the pros due toits exceptional aerodynamics and stiffness to weight ratio. Featuring “exalith” treated rims and fully aerodynamic spokes with super light hubs.

CX-01: Recognised as the fastest TT/flat stage wheel in the world with full carbon rim and an aero blade which joins the tubular tyre to rim seamlessly to reduce drag and save 1.25 seconds per Km.