An IRONMAN’s Wish List

Simon Stanford

Local IRONMAN athlete and shop regular shares his  wishlist!

Bag Yourself A Kitbrix

The Kit brix is great for storage and is ideal for carrying singularly if off for a swim,run or taking your bike kit, they can be easily attached and carried as one back due to the flexibility of the straps. I have used KitBrix for all triathlons I have done this year. They were ideal for Ironman Mallorca 70.3, this was my first Ironman race abroad and I found they were perfect and gave peace of mind as I knew which bag had which kit in as it was clearly labeled so took away the stress of trying to sort kit out and made it easier for sorting into the kit bags ready for transitions as it was purely transfer from the kit brix to the transition bags. The bags were also ideal as they were able to be carried on as hand luggage therefore there is no need worry about excess baggage, if required they will also fit within a suitcase. Kit Brix are ideal for the British weather as there is a water resistant double lined tarpaulin outer and a robust base so kit remains upright and dry from wet ground. This makes them ideal for taking to places such as the beach and storing your kit in there. Kit Brix are built to a high quality and are recommended, it is great for storage and keeps your kit organised and together.

Fizik Tri Tone

Fi’zi:k Tri Tone

I have used the Fizik Tritone 5.5 saddle with K:IUM Rails since April 2014. Personally this is my favourite saddle and when i upgraded my bike i kept this saddle. I have ridden on makes such as adamo which are comfortable to ride on and are padded well, however the Fizik Tritone 5.5 saddle with K:IUM Rails i have found to be a brilliant saddle especially as a triathlete designed specifically to increase hip rotation and help your performance when in an aerodynamic position on the bike. With the Modular carriage kit attached to the saddle this offers two brackets for bottle cages at the rear of the seat which are positioned on the angle which makes ease of access when cycling there is also space for a gas canister underneath aswell. (During Ironman Wales i was able to place a spare inner tube between underneath by the modular carriage kit). Another key feature is the Front transition hook which makes transition easier and faster. For me the Fizik Tritone 5.5 saddle with K:IUM Rails with the modular carriage kit is ideal for any triathlete as its al all round comfy saddle and the various key points stated make it a top level saddle. There is a variety of colours available too which make it great for matching to bike.

Mavic Cosmics

A good wheelset brings many advantages. I have raced on the shimano RS81 C50 Carbon Clinchers and Mavic Cosmic. Personally i prefer the Mavic Cosmic as it is a lighter wheelset which is useful for climbing as you can feel the reduction in weight on the lighter wheelsets. They are useful for climbing as the lighter wheel set improve power to weight ratio and has faster acceleration over the Shimano wheelset which is ideal for tackling hills such as ironman Wales.


The speedfil is brilliant, ideal to keep reminding you to drink during a race, it fits onto the frame and aids in the handling/cornering of the bike due to its position. It is simple to top up simply squeeze bottle into the top and tops up speedfil in just a few squeezes of the bottle. I have used various hydration systems in the past and this is by far the best as with previous hydration systems i have had alot of splash from the bottles or the bottles moving about, with speedfil there is none of this as the bottle is fixed to the frame which is a great feature. The straw from the speedfil comes up from the bottle and is positioned by the handlebars with a bite valve on the end which when in the aero position makes it easy to take on fluid without having to reach for a bottle and take hands off the bike. The straw can be cut so it is customer for a riders


I have raced and trained in both Sugoi and Castelli. Both are high quality kit, sugoi being partners of Ironman you know you are getting good quality kit that is going to last, however personally found sizing is small so it is recommended to try on first as likelihood is you may need to order the size up. Their new jacket is impressive and a must if cycling in dim light as when light hits the jacket the whole jacket lights up