We believe that being comfortable on your bike is essential if you’re really going to enjoy cycling. We take into account the type of riding you like to do, your level of experience and we watch you ride to assess your style and evaluate your suppleness and flexibility.

To make sure that we are at the forefront of Bike Fitting in Wales we have undertaken professionally run courses provided by Trek with the world renowned Cycle Fit company based in London and now added the Apex Bike performance and bike fit system to our dedicated performance suite along with video analysis software.

We fully measure and test your body, joints and range of movement through each dimension, rotation and flexion. By doing this we can identify where a cyclist may potentially have a future problem and fix their positioning before it even occurs.

We are regularly contacted by riders with unique physical injuries or idiosyncrasies and view each case with fresh eyes, after all no two bodies are alike. No one can claim to have a totally symmetrical body, a point which we always keep at the forefront of our minds when assessing and fitting a customer be they carrying an injury or not.

Five Part Pembrokeshire Bikes Dynamic Bike Fit

Bio-mechanical assessment
On-bike video analysis
APEX servo assisted dynamic bike
Repeat assessments

£190 £120 – Limited time only

Key points

  • Interview
  • Bike review
  • Biomechanical assessment
  • Apex performance bike-fit
  • Video analysis
  • Follow up fit

Interview: An opportunity for the rider to bring up any current or past injuries on and off the bike. Discuss level of riding and ambitions.

Bike review: Which areas of the bike are causing discomfort if any and improvements that could be made to benefit the rider

Biomechanical assessment: An off the bike screening to assess posture, ranges of motion, patterns of motion and muscular discrepancies.

Apex Performance bike-fit: A process in which the riders most powerful riding position is found without distorting comfort and then mirrored onto the riders bike.

Video analysis: A before and after video review to show the rider areas that have improved and help them understand their position on the bike.

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