Wahoo ELEMNT at Pembrokeshire Bikes

Josh Reviews The Wahoo ELEMNT

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I have been keen to get my hands on the Wahoo ELEMNT ever since Ian from Wahoo came in earlier in the year. When working in a bike shop it is rare to be shown a product that genuinely blows you away on so many fronts, we get to see some incredible kit here at Pembrokeshire Bikes but the Wahoo GPS computers really impressed and I made the uncharacteristic decision to state my desire to stock them on the spot! (Anyone who knows me will appreciate that I tend to like time to consider decisions like that). After Ian had finished running through all the features on the ELEMNT he had in his hand, I was anticipating the price, expecting the ELEMNT to be around £400-£500, but when I asked the question I had genuine surprise in that it was actually £250! So at this early point in my review, so far so good!

I have had my very own ELEMNT for just over a week now and have had the chance to really check out what it is capable of and how it has affected my cycling. The ELEMNT comes very nicely packaged in a premium box that has been well designed and includes a transparent section to showcase the device – setting it up was easy with the three mount options provided (out-front, aerobar and stem) and getting the device settings right was a doddle with the companion app on my iPhone (also available on Android). When you set up your Wahoo account, it gives you the option to link up your Strava, RideWithGPS, TrainingPeaks, Today’sPlan, SportTracks, MMF and Apple Health App, and you can toggle for your rides to be synched automatically when you complete a ride (which can be a little embarrassing when like me you decide to take your bike half a mile to the shop to get some milk and then back, for it to be uploaded to Strava, the Kudo’s I got for that gave me a good laugh though!).



Wahoo ELEMNT at Pembrokeshire Bikes

Wahoo ELEMNT at Pembrokeshire Bikes

The Wahoo range comes with a 60 day free trial of Strava Premium (which is £5.99 a month or £44 a year) which is a great asset to the ELEMNT, as you can star segments which the device will give you warning about when you are approaching and then give you amazing insight into your attempt to beat your PB – a fantastic feature, especially when you are close to a PB and it encourages you with its orange lights and display to give a final push – I guess the only negative I found while out on the road doing the climb into Jeffreyston is that it shows you where you are on the profile of the climb, and when you are really giving it the beans early on, id rather not know! I saw half way up that I was on par with my PB, but armed with all this information and the extra bit I had in my legs I upped my wattage and ended up with a 7 second PB which was really rewarding.

The device gives you lots of data, which includes: Speed (Current, Average, Max), Cadence, HR, Power, Distance, Climb, Elevation, Gradient, Time, Time Elapsed, Temperature, as well as mapping and notifications from your phone, great to decide when your phone rings whether it is worth pulling over to answer it! When you are on a key segment on Strava, you get a visual and audio warning before hand, and then get live data on your current attempts time against your PB, how far behind/ahead you are of your PB, the elevation profile and where you are on it and an estimated finish time. All very handy and adds even more fun to your ride and KOM/PB attempts.

Wahoo ELEMNT at Pembrokeshire Bikes

The Bike I have my Wahoo ELEMNT set up on for the review

Another great feature is the live tracking. You can choose who sees this and how long they have access for, but for me this feature is ridiculously handy – I commute to and from work often and with this feature my wife can see how far from home I am without calling me, mostly just to make sure I am ok if I am running behind! I have set it up so that when I leave on a ride it automatically sends a text to my wife with a link that shows a map with where I am and the route I am on – it even includes speed, time and climb data, although I don’t think she is particularly interested in that albeit perhaps telling me off for a daring descent!

The ELEMNT connects to SRAM eTap and Di2 to show gearing and battery life which is handy for those of you that use electric shifting, and with a battery life itself of 18 hours, it doesn’t need to be charged every night.

Downloading routes is a doddle and the map is easy to follow – the monochrome display is very similar to that found on the Amazon Kindle, it is easy to see in direct sunlight, and lights up so it is easy to see in the dark too.

A final point is that the device updates relatively often via the link with your phone and with this on occasion come new features, the functionality has already improved an awful lot since the launch of the device, and it continues to do so.

Overview of a finished ride

So to summarise, the Wahoo ELEMNT which is the official GPS computer of Team Sky and GCN has been a real plus to my cycling experience, it was very easy to set up, very very easy to use and the incredible feature list is only matched by its seriously competitive price.

The ELEMNT Bolt is a smaller brother to the ELEMNT and Ill get around to a review of that shortly.

The ELEMNT is available until the end of this month (July) with £50 cashback too when you trade in any old cycling computer you may have lying around! Come in store for a demonstration or you can order yours here

More information can also be found on Wahoo’s Website

Myself and Ian from Wahoo during a ride recently while he was down showing us some new products

Demo Day

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On Saturday June 3rd, we hosted our first multiple brand ‘Demo Day’ since Josh took over the shop at the end of 2015. Rep’s from Cervelo, Storck and Mavic came down with fleets of demo bikes, wheels and kit for anyone to try and get a real experience of what the brands were about.

Paul From Mavic Rocking up at Pembrokeshire Bikes

Paul From Mavic Rocking up at Pembrokeshire Bikes

Some of the highlights were the Cervelo P5X which Alex from Cervelo brought down, which was amazing to see in the flesh – you can expect to see that machine back in the shop very soon! Storck’s Fascenario 3 was present and very popular with those who road it – it just got a seriously cracking review here (, and the Mavic wheels got some seriously good feedback – thanks to Paul from Mavic for setting up all those wheel sets on customers bikes for them to try! Our new coffee machine got a serious workout and the cakes from Liz’s Coffee shop were seriously on point!

Thanks to everyone who turned up, we were really happy with the turnout and atmosphere, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

Don’t forget that we keep a small stock of demo bikes and wheels and you are welcome to try them at any time! If you want to see what Mavic’s wheels are all about, click here and choose the Mavic Cosmic SL C and then choose Pembrokeshire Bikes as your nearest shop – you can then borrow the wheels for a couple of days if you want!

There are still some offers on some Storck, Cervelo and Mavic products in store and the staff are more then happy to help and answer any questions you might have!

Trek’s Taken The Domane To The Next Level

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The Domane with front and rear IsoSpeed has it all: Blistering speed, smooth race comfort, and superior balance for precision handling and all-day domination.

When the Trek Domane SLR tagged along with our Trek rep to visit our shop earlier this year, you could forgive us for being a little dubious of the new ‘incredible’ and game changing features that it showcased as that is something that we hear a lot. But in the case of this bike, riding is believing.

The staff in the shop took it in turns to ride the bike around Narberth to get a feel for it, we played with the slider setting which dictates the perceived stiffness of the frame (up increases stiffness, down reduces). At full height, the frame felt very responsive and in no way felt lethargic, it  claims to be as stiff as the Trek Emonda at that level. When we put the slider down to the bottom (around 30% more compliant then the previous Domane) we decided to put it to the test and took it off road and onto a gravel path nearby the shop, it was at this moment that the bike won us over. Wow! It took the harsh terrain in its stride and the feeling of powering along at speed on a road bike in what would usually definitely be out of a road bikes comfort zone was nothing short of exhilarating.

It is the bike in Trek’s arsenal and has been used on the cobbles by Trek’s Factory Racing Team. As a young, speed orientated rider, the Domane had never appealed to me, comfort wasn’t the priority, but this bike changed that.

We keep the Domane in stock and it is available for a no obligation test ride – Pop in or give us a call/message. Got a question? Get in touch, our friendly staff are happy to help.

Call us on 01834 862755 – Email – Chat to us via our website chat

We keep the Domane in stock and it is available for a no obligation test ride – Pop in or give us a call/message. Got a question? Get in touch, our friendly staff are happy to help.

Call us on 01834 862755 – Email – Chat to us via our website chat

See The Bike
Trek Domane Pembrokeshire Bikes
Front IsoSpeed, located at the top of the head set, is captured in a rocker cup similar to rear IsoSpeed. This allows the steerer tube to flex, providing additional compliance at the front of the bike. The rocker cup of the upper steerer has zero lateral movement, allowing the bike to steer and handle with precision.
Trek also added adjustability to the rear of the Domane SLR. By loosening a bolt that doubles as the lower water bottle cage bolt, you can then move a slider up and down on the seat tube. Moving it up stiffens the ride by effectively shortening the section of tube that is flexing and Trek claims nearly matches the stiffness of the Emonda. Moving it down softens the ride up to 30% more then the previous Domane.
The Shimano RS805 hydraulic disc Flat Mount brakes provide ample performance and alway feel ready to go.
Great clearance means you can put some fast 25mm tyres on or if comfort is more up your street, some 32mm tyres.

Mavic Vision is here

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Pembrokeshire Bikes Mavic Vision Kit
Pembrokeshire Bikes Mavic Vision Kit

We are really excited to have the Mavic Vision clothing range in for the winter season. The kit is the usual practical excellence we have come to expect from Mavic, clothing and accessories that keep you warm, dry, and now well illuminated on rides where daylight/light is at a minimum. It offers great value by any standard, and high-vis has never looked this cool!


See the range here



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Pembrokeshire Bikes assembled a team of the finest mechanics the west country has ever seen for IRONMAN 70.3 Exmoor. It was a great adventure with absolutely no mobile signal or wifi, and even the GPS struggled to work at times. Myself, Ollie, Glenn and Dan left the shop late in the afternoon fully loaded and in great spirits for the weekend ahead. It took us what seemed hours once we had left the M5 to find our accommodation in the national park, and pulling the trailer up the serious, steep climbs on the skinny roads was a bit hair raising at times and definitely wore on us as the journey went on. It was a massive relief to finally get to the accommodation,  a beautiful well furnished converted barn in a bunkhouse style with lovely views and countryside all around.

Day one at the IRONMAN expo was great, the atmosphere was buzzing and we were flat out all day repairing bikes and selling race day essentials, the only issue was the lack of signal for both our phones and our card machine! For people paying by card we had to take a walk over to the lakeside cafe and use the wifi to FaceTime the shop and take payment that way, far from ideal! The Race Ready Check proved popular as always and we know that we saved many athletes weekend carrying it out.

We spent the evenings cooking up good food, driving up to the top of the hill to get signal to call our wives/partners and relaxing with a couple of drinks.


The Sunday is always the worst part of the trip, a 3am start to get to T1 for the mechanics briefing and positioning. We split into our groups and provided mechanical assistance to the athletes around the course in the vans. The tight, windy country roads of Exmoor proved quite a challenge to navigate with the vehicles, it took some pretty serious driving from myself and Dan to keep ourselves out of the way of faster riders as we made our way to different incidents. All in all it wasn’t too bad of a day, a few broken chains, bad punctures and rear derailleur issues but nothing catastrophic.
Once all the athletes were off the bike course we made our way back to the expo where we waited for riders needing assistance to pack their bikes down ready for travel, and packed up our shop. We managed to get on the road before too long and made it back to Pembs tired, but fulfilled in knowing it was a job-well-done!